Europe’s most environmentally friendly capital city

Which city beat Berlin, London and Paris in a ranking of Europe’s greenest capitals?


Vienna is Europe’s most environmentally friendly capital city, according to a new ranking.

The Austrian capital topped a list compiled by the energy comparison website Compare the Market, which said it has the largest cycling infrastructure – some 1,300 km of paths – and the best air and water quality.

“We looked at all of Europe’s capital cities, with the exception of Andorra la Vella, Monaco, Vaduz, San Marino and the Vatican City, which were deemed too small, with inadequate available data,” the website explained.

Each city was rated against 10 criteria, it said, and the scores were then combined to give the overall rank. The criteria cited included the proportion of people who use public transport, the amount of green space and people’s quality of life.

Coming in second place was Switzerland’s capital, Bern, which reportedly scored highest in the quality of life category and also picked up points for having a lack of congestion.

Third place went to Helsinki, capital of Finland, which the website said performed well across the board rather than excelling in any one particular area.

Sweden’s capital Stockholm and Denmark’s Copenhagen rounded out the top five.

See the full ranking here.

Words: Craig Nicholson

One comment

  1. Well, great post, but always capitals and capitals. There are inside countries other towns. Vienna with its 1,300 km of paths is great, but did You know where in Finland in Finland people bike most in winter, in snow, on ice and in the cold? The town is called Oulu! Here are my two posts presenting winter biking:

    Winter biking1

    Winter biking 2

    It is easy to bike in those warm countries thru the year, but try to bike when is -30 degrees cold! My hat to the Finns!

    Have a wonderful day!


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