Europe seized by severe snowstorms


Parts of Europe have been wracked by snowstorms in recent days, with almost 3 metres of snow falling in some areas and media reports of at least 13 people dying as a result.

Several lives have been lost to avalanches in Norway and Sweden, according to reports, while Austria, Germany and Switzerland have also been badly affected.

Associated Press rounded up the most severe news, while Deutsche Welle ran a dramatic photo series.

Some areas where snow is unusual, such as Greece, have also been dusted. The image accompanying this article, which was taken by the EU’s Copernicus satellite, shows snowfall on beaches in Puglia in southern Italy.

Up to 2 metres of additional snow could fall before the end of the week, according to the BBC, which produced an informative video report on the situation.

Words: Craig Nicholson
Photo: European Union

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