Guest editor of Domus magazine to focus on cities of the future


The venerable architecture and design magazine Domus has named Dutch architect Winy Maas its guest editor for 2019.

Under Maas’s leadership, the magazine will be based around the theme of the future city for 10 issues, Domus announced in a press release on 26 November.

“Beginning in January 2019, Maas’ editorship will consider the evolution of the city, and the role that urbanists, landscapers, developers, investors, mayors, residents and critics play in its construction – in addition to architects,” the magazine said.

Maas has written a manifesto for his time at the helm, titled Everything is Urbanism. He promised to take on “diverse issues ranging from food and energy production to climate change and transport infrastructure”, according to Domus.

The work will be “like a piece of research”, Maas said in a video interview for the magazine. Maas is one of three co-founders of the architectural practice MVRDV, as well as a researcher at Delft University of Technology.

But lest this sound dry, he also said the work “should be sexy”. When he was young, he said, he thought Domus was “like an Italian god of beauty”.

Maas is the second in a series of ten guest editors who will take the helm at Domus between 2018 and 2028, following Italian architect Michele De Lucchi. The series is in celebration of the magazine’s 100th year, following its launch in 1928.

Words: Craig Nicholson
Image: Domus

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