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The big cultural story this week was the discovery by British and Bulgarian researchers of an intact 2,400-year-old Greek merchant ship in the Black Sea. Here’s how the BBC covered the news.

Summer time – that’s the period during which time is shifted forward an hour, not summer itself, which is long gone – ends in the UK this weekend, perhaps for the last time ever given that EU politicians want Europe to stop putting its clocks forwards and backwards. Various outlets looked at what’s going on and why; here’s Thomas McMullan’s take for Wired.

Staying with Wired, Victoria Turk had this nice piece on how protesters in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district convinced Google to pull out of a planned move into the region, fearing it would lead to an increase in gentrification.

Not the most exciting read, perhaps, but good news: Eurostar is planning to increase the number of trains it runs between London and Amsterdam, starting next summer. Simon Calder had the details for the Independent.

Did you know that British spies are alleged to have hacked Belgium’s biggest telecoms company? And that the British government is refusing to cooperate with Belgium’s investigation? Daniel Boffey explained all in the Guardian.

Fancy some goat’s heart with your salad? Icelanders increasingly do, and much of it is down to one woman’s attempt to save a breed brought to the country by Vikings 1,100 years ago, the Guardian’s Nicholas Gill reported.

And finally, the UK’s Channel 4 news decided to explore the hypocrisy of British politicians’ concerns about the violence-spreading tendencies of the country’s drill music by getting a drill MC to make a track using MPs’ own violent rhetoric. Genius or ridiculous? You decide.

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