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October 14 was “European day of conservation-restoration of cultural heritage”, which might be why on October 16 The Guardian published this piece by Kate Connolly on the forthcoming restoration of Rembrandt’s painting The Night Watch. Either way, it’s a nice in-depth exclusive on what sounds like a fascinating project that will take place in full view of the public, both in the flesh and online.

Staying with modern takes on Old Master paintings, Wired ran this really fun article by Thomas McMullen on @Boschbot, which tweets tiny sections from Hieronymus Bosch’s painting Garden of Earthly Delights.

The BBC published this video by Bruno Boelpaep, who documented the problems Venice is having with overtourism and how locals are trying to fight back.

Staying with cities, but on a happier note, The Guardian ran this nice article by Kim Willsher on how people in Dunkirk are being won over to public transport, exploring their town and getting to know each other after local authorities made bus travel free of charge.

The BBC also has this photo obituary of Ara Guler, aka the Eye of Istanbul, or in his own words “a world photographer”, who made portraits of people including Winston Churchill and Pablo Picasso.

Some politics bonuses:

Euractiv has this article by Claire Stam on Patryk Białas, a green candidate in local elections taking place in Poland on Sunday, who says that local politicians in Poland are campaigning heavily on environmental issues, whereas national politicians are still fighting for heavy industry.

Wired ran this story by Abigail Beall on how some British fintech companies are turning to Eastern Europe to hedge their bets over Brexit-related uncertainties at home.

And The Conversation ran this take by Cambridge researcher Timothy Less on how the Balkan countries might react if the EU shuts off any hope of them joining the bloc.

And finally, National Geographic has this video – as much an aural experience as a visual one – of the tranquil sight and unique sound of wild ice skating in Sweden.

That’s all for this week; be sure to visit from time to time throughout the week for our own Europe culture news.

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