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There was only really one story in the art world this week, love it or loathe it, and that was Banksy part-shredding his own art work seconds after somebody bought it in an auction. Here’s Will Gompertz’s take for the BBC.

But, on the same story, here’s Scott Reyburn in the New York Times on how Banksy’s stunt upstaged what would otherwise have been the art story of the week – the highest ever amount paid for a work by a living female artist.

And to round off the Banksy takes, here’s David Griner for AdWeek on how brands immediately co-opted the stunt for their own ends, completing the consumerist cycle.

Now for something far more serious, here’s Kate Connolly reporting for The Guardian on one tech startup’s last-ditch effort to prevent the obliteration of the last little strip of Germany’s 12,000-year-old Hambach forest.

A new motor sport just for women is being set up to help address the sport’s gender imbalance, Murad Ahmed reports for the Financial Times.

The Conversation got politics lecturer Ronald Ranta to look at the interplay between morally conscious eating, gentrification and the loss of traditional cuisines.

Finally, staying with food and returning to The Guardian, Rory Carroll has this fantastic piece on how Ireland is going krazy for its first-ever Krispy Kreme outlet.

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